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Hi! I want to personally welcome you to my website! My name is Susan and I am a Certified Dog and Cat Grooming Professional, and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  I am an animal lover, owning 3 dogs and 4 cats of my own.  I am all about animals.  I love their personalities, and I love their uniqueness.  They bring joy to our lives.  I own and operate one of the World's best selling mobile grooming conversion vans.  It is the top of the line in grooming vehicles.  I would want nothing less for my pets and I am sure you feel the same way.  It is a complete salon on wheels.  You make a phone call and there I am at your door, no stress for you and no stress for your pet.  My van is equipped with a hydro massage bathing system, an electric lift grooming table, (for large dogs and elderly dogs who have difficulty climbing) and a cool dry fluff system so there is never any chance your dog will get burned.  No Cages!!! No being at the groomers all day!! For that your dog will certainly thank you!!  I will provide the love and attention and skilled care you and your pet would expect from this truly unique service.

Gift Certificates  Make great gifts!  Available in any denomination they can be used for grooming, or other top of the line products which I carry.  With the Holidays approaching allow me to custom build you a gift basket and deliver it directly to you or the person on your Holiday List! Call for details.
413-478-7918. For those outside Western Mass, shipping is available.

Currently serving these local
Western Mass Communities:
West Springfield
East Longmeadow


Did you ever think your dog could hang onto this much hair? This is what my deshedding treatment can do for you and your dog. I use specially designed grooming tools in my mobile unit to help you keep the hair out of your home,your car, your furniture and your clothes.  Most dogs shed every change of season, grooming them 1 or two times a year is not nearly enough. Depending on the dog, you should send a dog which is heavily coated to the groomers every six to 8 weeks. This keeps their coats healthier and the dog happier with less skin problems.
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